Watch iT! is a multi-media dance odyssey which examines the relationship between man and his television and told with a striking mix of dance, theatre, interactive film and animation. Covering the banal to the surreal, it touches on aspects of how TV affects us, and the situations where it can take on more than an inanimate form. Ultimately, it is an intimate social comment about our ever growing dependence on technology.
The story follows one man’s love/hate relationship with his TV as we stumble out of the living room and down the cathode ray tunnel. A TV wonderland ensues with interactive projections, televisions that talk back and ones that want to dance. Watch iT! incorporates a range of styles in one piece, undulating from frenetic sparks of energy to more soft sincere moments. It is black comedy combined with social commentary, ultimately leaving the audience to ponder how they view their own little box in the corner...

Premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2009 to great success, Watch iT! was subsequently toured, alongside Such a Bloke, in 2010 with support from Creative Scotland. The work has since been redeveloped in 2013 with support from National Theatre of Scotland and Almeida Theatre, London, and now features surround sound and additional scenes.

Show length = 50 minutes


Concept, Choreography & Performance by Tony Mills
Choreographic Mentor | Christine Devaney
Lighting Design | original design by Tony Mills and collaboratively re-lit by Renny Robertson
Production Design | Tony Mills, Jane Foxall, Karen Tennent, J & B Scenery, Big House Events
Film | Cagoule Productions
3D Animation | Peter Doris at Nexus Digital Media
Sound Score | John Vick at Finiflex Studios
Music | The Presets, Cecilia Bartoli/Geminiano Giacomelli, Harmonic 313, Gonzales, The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, L.V. Beethoven, Stars of the Lid
Production Manager | Grahame Coyle/Dave Shea
Stage Manager | Tony Sweeten
Print Design, Marketing & PR | Tricia Munoz at PaciaPR
Show Photography | Jacek Hubner, Colin Thom & Maria Falconer

Produced by Room 2 Manoeuvre & Ed Littlewood. 2010 tour by Catalyst Dance Management

Created with support from:

Creative Scotland, Dance Base, The Work Room, MacRobert Theatre, Dance House, Theatre Cryptic, WHALE arts centre, North Edinburgh Arts Centre